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Birds can be pests too



Although most of us love to watch that cute red breasted robin in the park or feed the pigeons at that well known monument, birds can become nuisances. We may love feeding the blue tits in the garden, but what happens when a family of birds set up home in our loft?

We'll sort the problem in a sensitive way

Some of the problems caused by birds

And some of the ways we solve the problem

We want to do an efficient job and so we'll always use the most appropriate solution. Bird repellents, installing thin wire spikes (to stop them landing), netting, trapping and, in extreme cases, shooting are some of the methods used for bird control.  

We use humane and sensitive methods to solve your bird problems. Our aim is to not only send the birds on their way, but to stop them from returning.

-  Fouling of buildings and pavements

-  Blockage of downpipes and gutters

-  Bird strikes at airports

-  Nests in roof spaces

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