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Critters crawling high and low?

Moles and squirrels may not be as numerous as mice and rats but if you have attracted them, you certainly know about it. Like with any other kind of pest control, the quicker you act, the easier and less costly the solution will be.



Whether it's chewing through electrical cables, or digging unwanted holes in your garden, squirrels have the potential to cause serious damage to your property as well as posing a safety risk. We have the expertise and equipment needed to get rid of them efficiently.

Mole tunnel networks can be far more extensive than you may suspect. What's more, it is common for them to return to tunnels that have remained uninhabited for long periods of time so you may think you've got rid of them but if the problem isn't dealt with properly, it is likely that you won't have seen the last of these intrusive little miners.


Critters Pest Control Services is well equipped to take care of the problem in the right way so that can be confident that they're gone for good.

Solve the problem once and for all.

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