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Are wasps a problem?

Many people have a fear of wasps and we can understand why. If you've ever tried to avoid a persistent wasp or discovered a wasps' nest in your roof or wall, you'll know exactly why wasps are considered pests.

Have you found a wasps' nest?

It's a job for the professionals

We'll get rid of it quickly and completely

We'll use insecticidal powder to kill off the wasps, which we'll inject into the nest with the use of a lance. This is the safest way to solve the problem and is best administered by experts.


We can get rid of other insects, birds and rodents too.

Generally wasps only last for one season but, before the winter arrives, the fertilised queen will set up home in a ball shaped nest with her young. These are often found in cavities in walls and in roof voids.

If the nest is very small it's probably possible to knock it off with a stick. However, if it's well established, then it's definitely a job for professional

pest control services.

The safe way to get rid of

wasps' nests

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